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Hello Dreamer

A Dream Foundation Inc. is one of the leading NGOs (Non-Profit Organizations) and non-governmental agencies that are created to uplift financial constraints for residence   Counties

Dream Foundation Inc. is committed to providing training, support groups, mental and counseling platforms, food, shelter, self-development programs, jobs, and free healthcare services to individuals who are poor, vulnerable, lost, and hungry seeking assistance, opportunities comfort, and warmth.

We build a bridging gap and engender prosperity​

We strive to build a bridging gap in communities and strive communities and strive to create economic sustainability, education, self-development, and well-being for all residents 

Dream Foundation Inc. keeps your life's needs as the priority and delivers compassion with love. At the Dream Foundation Inc. We offer an extensive range of services in clothes, food, training and job.

Let's spread smiles on million faces!

Dream Foundation Inc. keep your need at the forefront and enables you to cope with the situation by providing training, support groups, mental and counseling platforms, food, shelter, self-development programs, money management skills, job placement, and many other beneficial to both individuals and families. 


We stand out from the millions to providing one -window solutions and strive to promote your cause  inorder to prevent the number of problems you face in your livelihood. Whether you are seeking financial assistance, education or self- developments programs, we are here to help. Reach us today and change your life!

Our Philosophy and Strategies

Advocacy, awareness creation, participatory approach, information sharing, monitoring and evaluation and community engagement and dialogue.


To end the demographics of financial dependency in  Counties through teaching Spanish and Arabic, Math and English classes, Leadership and Confidence Coaching, Stem Job Training, Business Therapy sessions and Brain Injury Research Related to Domestic Violence Survivors and Domestic Violence and Sex Trafficking Helpline throughout these counties, evaluation and monitoring of interventions, policies and activities. The purpose of our organization is to reach and create a habitable city, healthy environment in  Counties.

Upcoming Events

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