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The Ultimate Soirée For Small Businesses

About this event

Starting a business can be exhausting, and sustaining the business can even overwhelm you. You'll lose your passion, interest and your mental health could deteriorate. Don't get it wrong; some entrepreneurs get it right early in business, but chances are those people got the right help and support early. Seeing how grueling business can be, A Dream Foundation Inc. presents a small business soirée aimed at providing small businesses with insights and resources to pilot their brand to a whole new level.

This program will share concerns in various industries and enable you to gain access to premium resources and advice from experienced and successful business owners who built thriving businesses from the ground up. Are you a business owner looking for a push or ideas to step up and get things going? Participate and get the motivation and resources your business needs to get in shape and prosper in the long run.

Why Attend The Event?

To participate in in-depth conversations that open your mind to the real sense of business.

To connect with like-minded entrepreneurs with the creative ideas that will breed more thriving businesses.

To unlock the newest and untapped business models.

To empower up-and-coming entrepreneurs to always develop the courage to run a successful business no matter the economy.

Who Can Attend?

New or existing small business owners


Fees: Regular Price $99


VIP $149

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Note: Only limited space available. Rise up and register today. You don't want to miss this opportunity!!!

The Ultimate Soirée For Small Businesses
Note: Only limited space available. Rise up and register today.

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