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There are a lot of us that maybe in a situation when we feel that we are stuck into something and we know that we can still do more but feel like my hands were tied to becoming that “Someone”. I myself have been into a situation wherein I feel like I want to do more but I am in a dilemma of what I really want. I had a stable 9-5 job but I am in a position wherein I can feel that I am not in my full potential and growth is just an option. Little did I know that it was just me who suppresses everything to begin with.

Of all the things that came to me, I’m glad that I discovered and was open enough to realize that I needed help and that’s where I had my life coaching session almost a year ago.I never realized that I am living with fear.

All of the realizations took place when I had my life coach. Truly, I can say that it was a life saver. I really thought that everyday for me is fine. I had so many heartaches from my past relationships and frustration of not getting the career that I really wanted, thinking that job stability would always be the basis of a good career and I guess I have to live with it and somehow accept the fact that I’m not good enough to be on that role that I dreamed of. I also think that maybe things will change in the future as I don’t want to blame myself anymore and think that things are not really meant for me. “ If I can’t have it, then maybe it’s time to let go.”

Having a Life coach gave me so much wisdom and enlightenment. The best thing that she has ever taught me was to face my own fear as it has controlled me over the years and now I discovered ways on how to deal with it.

My Life Coach initially gave an assessment about my perception on things and deep dive on what are the things that caused my anxiety. I was able to tell her the things that I wasn’t able to tell anyone, not even to my closest friend. She was able to handle things with full confidentiality, professionalism and respect, without any judgment or whatsoever.

Since I’ve been living with fear for such a long time, I never realize that I have a bunch of excuses and defense mechanisms that seem to act as my pillow to comfort me and just settle for something less than what I deserve.

The coaching technique has helped me open my eyes to a lot of options that I never really thought of. After determining the cause of my fear and anxiety, we started to remove my excuses. Excuses that held my entire life which pushed back all the life I should be living in.

Knowing that I live in fear, my coach also made me realize that I am also living a life full of regrets but chose to conceal it by accepting defeat and using my great wall of defense mechanism and just settle for something less than what I really want.

She gave me a picture of a better mindset. Enduring the pain at the same time enjoying the season of challenges is one of the best things that I remember. With all the techniques and activities within the session, I can say that I am a resolution driven person which is far from what I used to be.

I never really thought that I had let my fear and pain manipulate me and didn't know how to properly convert those painful events as a tool to embrace my inner strength. During the session she points out the importance of not making any excuses and not to settle for anything less.I never really get the value of time the way she points things out. If I knew everything that I had learned from this life mentorship years ago things would be so much different.

I can say that I am still a work in progress. I will not stop until I get the life that I deserve and will continue to progress and grow as an individual and become an inspiration not only to my family but also become a valuable part of my community.

This month is the time for us to celebrate women empowerment. In history March is declared as the National Women’s History Month. In 1987, a Special Presidential Proclamation was issued every year by the 39th U.S President Jimmy Carter to properly recognize the achievement of extraordinary women. Women deserve proper recognition for being a great contributor of development in the community. A Dream Foundations Inc. is an organization that firmly believes in women empowerment as the organization itself is being facilitated by a woman who understands the challenges and limitations of women in the community. Inspired by the situation, the organization strives to bring compassion which brings advocacy of providing appropriate intervention to their day to day challenges. The foundation truly brings women empowerment by being able to bring self worthiness and become an inspiration to fellow women and be brave enough to face their challenges.

This month is a time to give a tribute to women all over the world. For so many years women have proved themselves that they can make their way in providing success and development in the community but despite the progress there are still a lot of women who face discrimination and violence.

Gender equality is a basic human right. There are still some situations in which women are underestimated or limited with their decision making just because they are “so called women”. A dream foundation believes that empowered women can be at their full potential and be able to help a sustainable economy and be beneficial to the community and promote social transformation.

A Dream Foundations Inc. promotes self-reliance and is committed to providing support groups and self development activity which will definitely bring empowerment to one self, to their family and the community. A Dream Foundations Inc. believes that we can be an instrument of change in the community with the help of empowered women.

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Today is your day!

Why? Because you are about to become completely obsessed with setting yourself up to win every time even during recession! Setting yourself up for a win means that you always take the time to prepare the ground, create the environment, do your homework, make the call, whatever it takes to guarantee you win at your given task, and accomplish your goals. Do you always make sure your workout clothing is on the dresser before you got to bed? How about confirming tomorrow’s appointments with a quick text today? Have you automated your repeated tasks or better, have you even identified what tasks you should put on autopilot? Life gets in the way for everybody. I can promise that today, no matter how well-meaning you may be, something or someone is going to reduce your chances of winning YOUR game. Why not take a few minutes and set yourself up to win by reading along as I teach you in few simple steps on

H O W T O W I N : In this article, I’ll be focusing on 4 simple but essential things

• Building your self-confidence by positive thinking/affirmation

• Setting Goals ( Career, relationships, spiritual life)

• Exercising

• Friends and how they influence you

W O R D O F C A U T I O N : One thing is for sure, I know you want to win but nobody else is going to do it for you if you don’t act on these things.

B U I L D I N G Y O U R S E L F - C O N F I D E N C E B Y

P O S I T I V E T H I N K I N G / A F F I R M A T I O N

Self-confidence is the first step to winning. It’s about believing in yourself. Believing you can do it. Self-confidence is defined as a state of being certain of one’s ability to judge your personal standings with respect to your environment and being able to draw satisfaction out of it.

If you don’t have self-confidence, you can’t win. It’s that simple. So, what builds self-confidence? Its positive thinking/affirmation, practice, training, knowledge. Etc. but For the purpose of this article, I’d talk about positive thinking/affirmation Positive thinking/affirmation

Listen! Those who thinking positively finds motivation more easily. You attract what you think about. Take it or leave it! That’s the law of nature.

Are you more of a person who approaches things with a negative thought? If yes, then you have to keep reading if you ever want to set yourself up for winning.

Thoughts are powerful. They shape our actions, and our actions, in turn, shapes who we become. As a sports lover, I have often experienced the power of positive thoughts. In my experiences, below is what I found out .

A team that comes into play with the thought that they will lose will play unmotivated and ultimately likely lose. However, if a team comes into play with the idea of being able to win, their performance and motivation ultimately increase. The chance of winning the game shoots up. Fortunately, these experiences can be transferred to how we live. A positive thought leads to a positive attitude and that ensures a positive charisma. When you have a positive attitude, you have a positive effect on yourself as well as other people. It will also make these people react more positively to you. You can do that by simply rethinking. There are various events in

everyday life that you can either accept positively or negatively. The idea that your thought can change your world seems almost too good to be true. However, I can assure you that I have experienced the good and that it all ensued from the thought I focused on. The power of positive thinking is remarkable. I dare you today to change your thought positively today and see how your life changes positively. Think positively. Affirm positive words. Build your self-confidence.

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